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Injustice Movie Leaked two weeks before its premiereĀ  ?

Reading Time: < 1 minute DC’s New animation movie Injustice leaked online. Multiple Twitter users twitting about it and several sites mention having a copy of it. that budget estimated $20,000,000 . Director Matt Peters new DC animation Injustice is being an R-rated adaptation similar to the Version of the gameĀ  Injustice: Gods Among Us (2013). An MPAA Rated R […]

Invincible Season One – Amazon prime’s The Invincibly Invincible show.

Reading Time: 5 minutes Finally admiring Amazon Prime’s plan to fill the gap in the Superhero Genre showing the light of rated R or TV–MA. Even though the GOD level power and a billion-dollar studio couldn’t come as it. So someone had to steps up to lit the idea and that is Amazon. Like ” The Boys ” a […]

Wolfwalkers , A delightful journey- Short Review

Reading Time: 2 minutes After studio Ghibli, Ireland’s Animation studio Cartoon Saloon is my most favorite animation studio. I first knew them by their amazing work on ” Song Of The Sea (2014) ” directed by Tomm Moore later with ” The Breadwinner (2017) ” Directed by Nora Twomey and ” The Secret of Kells (2009)” Directorected by both […]

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