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Reasons Why Prison Movies Don’t Disappoint Us and A List Of Must-watch Prison Movies

Reading Time: 7 minutes Do you love prison movies? Yes? Ever asked yourself why? Well, in my opinion there is a psychological connection between us and the movies that are based on prisoner’s stories. Here we will find some reasons why prison movies attract us so much and of course we’ll have a list of such movies that have […]

What Should we call “Love.”

Reading Time: 6 minutes A variable thing to surpass in our heart on the chemical reaction in our brain is love. Love is a default thing. In definition, there are 24 types of love, according to the dictionary website. As Noun “an intense feeling of deep affection: a great interest and pleasure in something.” as the verb to have […]

How Watching Movies Can Be Beneficial These Days

Reading Time: 3 minutes Who was the last person that asked you how you’re doing today? I’m pretty sure about the maximum of you, and it’ll be not easy to answer because you don’t remember. And why so? That’s because no one asked! It’s time for us to be mindful of our mental health. Especially in a time like […]

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