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Coherence (2013) – Short Review

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🎞 Coherence (2013)
🎬 Dir: James Ward Byrkit
A film is a work of story and doesn’t need to have a huge budget Coherence is an example. Director and writer James Ward Byrkit take the Sci-fi genre to a remarkable level.
the story is simple yet a totally complicated maze. Old Friends gathering in a night a comet is passing overhead. suddenly the lights out and a strange thing happened that changes everything.

A sci-fi Film but a thrilling journey. This Film made me full of guessing and brakes into the winning pieces and rejoin again another guessing. surprisingly an unexpected ride.
The screenplay of this film surprisingly unbelieve extraordinary. the heart of the story. the actors made that quite believable as the heart pumps its main purpose the blood.

The cinematography of this film is like a documentary. this adds a realistic view as the heart is working. With the Sound design Coherence is a complete package of thrill and suspense.

If you like MINDFUCK films Coherence is one of them. I’m recommending this film.

Cineples Score (CS) – 9/10 ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

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