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Midsommar (2019) Review : Can a Beautiful production design save a film ?

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In the cinematic gossiping, people often take the name of Director Ari Aster’s film Midsommar. The film was released in 2019. it happens to the modern film, which is often in a genre that really matters on the viewers to experience. Midsommar is a horror R-rated movie with a beautiful production design, cinematography, and, of course, Music.

The Story

The story starts with Dani’s family tragedy, She was trying to connect with her family by calling her parents and sending emails to her sister. but none of them responding and later that night, she found her family was murdered/suicide and the conflict of misunderstanding Love between two main characters Dani and Christians that was in a stage of falling apart. (played by the beautiful Florence Pugh and Jack Raynor) . Later on, Christian and his friends travel to Sweden to participate in a Cult fabled once-in-a-lifetime Swedish mid-summer festival in a rural hometown. Dani Joins them to get relief from her mental breakdown from her family incident. But in next what begins with a Sunshiny sinister turn when the village participants welcome them in their Festive to paradise, which turns a mysterious unnerving, and viscerally Disturbing.

Now, coming to the good cinema point, I was amazed to see the film’s production design. Beautiful rural view designed on dress wall stones even the flower and the white visuals was magnificent and eye warming. In the Entire film, this production design keeps the mysterious vibe at the expected level.  Personally, I appreciate it so much.
Cinematography Camera movement and portraiting the Swedish sweet summer vibe was quite good in my eye. That was nearly perfect to me. The shots were good.
The Fx department’s job was actually adequate at theirs best.
Music is a good part of cinema; it changes the viewer’s perspective and mood. The film Gloomy music’s taste was principled to the dark vibe, and the charming cinematography was the feeling of Colorful mixed tasted salad.

But a film is at its best whenever it comes to the story. It was quite bad, or the director can’t Present it as it was supposed to. Which way was it going seems too typical and untidy because the cinematography production and music choice were Mismatch with the story.

The acting of the cast seems misguided and chaotic. Whatever in the story something happened, I did not feel a connection with the characters. Breaching with multiple genres wasn’t praised or conveyed the message.

But Actress Florence Pugh did her best in this film.
The Movie has the Most Disturbing and Violence scene those was good but feels unnecessary. They did not bring the charm.

The final point is, it is a misunderstanding breakup movie none of the whole story matters. No physiological/mystical or Typical Cult bullshit. Cinema language was hurt by “the story” that’s why the creative, beautiful production was meaningless.  I felt bad for the department.


Cineples Score (CS): 6/10 ♥♥♥♥♥♥


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