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Dark – Netflix’s Series All Seasons Review

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A love story that is darker than the darkest black hole ever seen. A boy isn’t lost but everyone is searching for him, a man has committed suicide but hasn’t died and a mere mortal acting as a GOD in this German science fiction thriller television series which ran for three seasons from 1st December 2017  to  2020 on Netflix.

Any wish to visit a town with two parallel quantumly entangled non-linear timelines!

Because of the conflict, viewers are bound to lose their perception of right and wrong after going through all the violent situations and terrible decisions represented in it.

This masterpiece is created to mess with your mind. The first season is perfect and the second season doesn’t contain bugs. It’s gonna keep playing a game with you while you keep seeking a bit of light. Sadly, the third season kills the logical flow of storytelling and wipes out naturality from the family tree. What’s meaningful after knowing that someone has given birth to her own mother. It seems like a mistake that Jona’s famous yellow jacket ended up getting in the hands of Martha. This mess felt like “he(she) had a relationship with herself(himself)”. Whatever anything can happen in Winden.  Once a hero is now a demon and today’s sinner is not a wrongdoer at all. Actually, this love story is missing a true villain cause everyone is fighting for their own existence. Time travel conspiracy, the countdown towards an apocalypse, paralogy, Higgs field, Dark matter, philosophy on time can be found but shamefully evil Ai robots aren’t truly included. Then what am I doing in 2053!

Personalities of the characters are carved out well. True emotions of the individuals are portrayed. Every moment different layers are added to the characteristics of the dimensional actors. At each step, there is a chance to discover a new arch about the same character. Regardless of others’ gossip, Bartosz was the most enjoyable character to me and Claudia Tiedemann was the most conflicting one, It’s hard to understand her motives.

1980’s nostalgic moments and 1921’s prehistoric timeline are done with perfection. It must be mentioned that there aren’t any glitches in any of the camera movements and changing view angles. All the glitches are over the poor quality animations, without them the filming is totally fine. It has turned the series from looking over the top to childish.

Scripts and Dialogues:
Convoluted dialogues may mislead in a non-existed point of the concatenation. As time passes on, the growth of the characters and the way the story is plotted will exasperate you. Even if for once someone thinks of giving up, the speeches will hold them back. Its narrative has complexity. The main series is made in the German language so every voice you get is dubbed.  It may feel like a never-ending story at first but also very quickly flowing forward while summing-up.

Music and Dubbing:
This series sounds hauntingly beautiful. Ben Foster composed both unique and terrific soundtracks. Some of the 80’s tracks are nostalgic and the indie songs are either joyful or traumatic depending on the situations. Seeing the mouth movement and listening to the words said may feel odd at first but humans can adapt with time.

Penman’s opinion:
It awakens people’s daydreaming. Viewers will start to think about their own lives at different ages. While someone is going through it, a perspective grows about the choices he or she has made and is willing to make in the future. Actually, Increases the sensitivity of our choices. Until the last episode of the second season it’s so scientific but then becomes totally fictional. They tried to represent an aspect of god. No matter what Claudia did, she always failed. So, was Tannhaus truly successful! Wasn’t there another loop? The object that travelled to its creator before being created was the only god.  It’s deep as hell on a character level, even no American series has been this intense. This series is truly unpredictable till the end.

Cineples Score(CS): 8/10 ♥

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